An arranged divestment process will help you to enhance the selling price. We will support you in organizing the Data Room, gathering the main information regarding the asset(s). The best marketing strategy will be based on a market valuation.

In addition, we will accompany presenting the information memorandum of the asset(s) to the potential investors.

Data Room

We will gather the information related to the assets subject to divestment and manage it during the process.


Our valuation team will advise you on the divestment value.

Teaser/Information Memorandum

We will prepare your Information Memorandum for the correct marketing of your assets. We will present it to potential buyers according to your instructions. If convenient, a blind teaser can be also prepared.

Due Diligence

Vendor Due Diligence is always a very useful tool during the transaction process:
· Technical, Town Planning
· Tax & Legal, Commercial

Transaction Advisory

Our experts will advise you on all aspects concerning the operation:
· Tax & Legal, Financial
· Technical
· Marketing strategy