Maxxima Abilities

The main Corporate Landmark of Maxxima and what make us different is the added value of its specialized expertise as a result of the active cooperation of partners with a long and successful career. We face the complexity of the current situation being aware that solutions hide in the coincidence of all players, a proactive attitude and an aggregated value concept.

We believe that we can provide criteria, support and integrated services to management direction of Real Estate Players. Help in accelerating business development and assurance to investment and divestment processes, making them quicker following the key points below:

  • Complete Coverage of the Real Estate Value Chain. Any market player will find a specialized solution to their problems irrespectively of their position and tarjets.
  • Worldwide Range.
  • Knowledge of the historical behavior of the Assets Value, in all Spanish territory. This permits us provide the client with the best economic advisory in long term.
  • Immediate services render. The high specialized level, multidisciplinary and size of our teams (circa 350 professionals), joined to our knowledge of singular assets, allows us react immediately with innovative solutions in any complex background.
  • Expertise in management of Investment-Divestment Vehicles, covering all phases: From the assets transfer, classification, characteristics, product management systems, definition of corporate strategies and operations, maintenance programs, asset management, business and financial planning. Completely oriented to divestment.
  • Tailored Portfolios. Thanks to our position in the market, we are able to find points of interest joint between buyers and sellers, through tailored portfolios fulfilling your expectancies of risk and return rates.